Everything About Planning A Wedding In Cologne & Bonn

Plan Wedding Cologne Bonn Bridal Shops Near You

Over the next few minutes we will be sharing how to plan a wedding in Cologne and Bonn in full detail. Our main goal is to save you some time and maybe even a little money.

To get the ball rolling there will be a list of local wedding and reception venues. For some the church they went to as a kid will be the obvious place to get married while others may prefer to have their ceremony and/or reception at a different venue and either way you aren’t lacking for options.

The best bridal shops to buy a dress near you along with many of the other things you will need will follow that up. Then we will get into shops that sell wedding invitations, florists, photographers, videographers, bands, and DJ’s.

After they have all been covered we will pivot to the top wedding hair and makeup stylists and shops to rent a tuxedo because everyone needs to look great on your special day. The food will begin to close this out as it will be time to read about where to buy wedding cakes, caterers, and some great restaurants for hosting a rehearsal dinner.

Finally, the best wedding planners in Cologne and Bonn will get a shout out because we know some may be feeling overwhelmed and may want to just hand this all off to someone else. Often times wedding planners in your area will have different packages available ranging from a little bit of assistance all the way up to full planning so you can choose to get as much help as you need.

To make things a little easier on you there will be a map towards the conclusion that has all of the various venues pinned on it so that you can figure out which is the most convenient for you to visit. By the way, all of our city guides for this region are available at that link if you are curious what is going on in other German towns.

Cologne & Bonn Wedding & Reception Venues

Picking the right wedding and reception venue in Cologne and Bonn might be the most important decision you will make:

For weddings or receptions near you involving 50 to 400 guests the restaurant at the Schokoladenmuseum offers a panoramic setting with a Rhine terrace and Atrium.

Two function rooms at the Alte Versteigerungshalle can accommodate events with up to 250 guests.

120 people can comfortably fit in the Consilium restaurant and another 200 invited guests can rejoice and be entertained as appropriate in the lovely atrium.

50 to 110 people can fit in the distinctive industrial loft of Kunstsalon Location for local weddings.

At Schloss Arff the castle and event barn are the two indoor venues, with the event barn accommodating up to 250 guests while their charming park is ideal for outdoor wedding celebrations in your area.

Bridal Shops

The best bridal shops near you are where to buy your dress and many of the other important items you will need:

Where To Get Your Invitations

For invitations and envelopes in your area we suggest you get in touch with:

Choosing The Right Florist

These florists will make sure your Cologne or Bonn wedding and reception are ready for the Gram:

Wedding Photographers & Videographers

To get it all documented hire one of these local wedding photographers and videographers:

Bands & DJ’s

Booking the right band or DJ will make sure the after party is lit:

Hair & Makeup Stylists

Obviously you will want to look your best and the top wedding hair and makeup stylists near you can make sure that you will:

Tuxedo Rentals

Don’t forget about the tuxedo for the groom and groomsmen:

Where To Buy Your Wedding Cake

Buy Wedding Dress Cologne Bonn Local Reception Venues

Some of the best wedding cakes in Cologne and Bonn are available at:


You will be the star of the show but these caterers will have the food on point as well:

Your Rehearsal Dinner

Have a great rehearsal dinner at:

Local Wedding Planners

Get a little help or have someone do all of this for you by contacting one of the best wedding planners in your area:

Just so you know we have also written about finding the top:

Good Luck Planning Your Wedding In Cologne & Bonn

Well guys, that is all we have for now but we bet you feel a lot more confident about planning a wedding near you. We tried to cover it all from wedding and reception venues, bridal shops, invitations, florists, photographers, videographers, bands, DJ’s, hair and makeup stylists, tuxedo rentals, caterers, the cake, and of course some good restaurants for a rehearsal dinner in your area.

Some of the best local wedding planners were also mentioned if you want to go that route, or you can save some money and do a lot of this on your own. At this point you should be fully informed and ready to plan a great wedding in Cologne and Bonn and we wish you the best of luck!

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