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Plan Wedding Rome Bridal Shops Near You

It is great that you are taking the time to read our blog on how to plan a wedding in Rome. By the time you finish reading this short post we bet you will have a much easier time through the whole process and maybe even save a little bit of money too.

A list of local wedding and reception venues seems like the most natural starting point. We know that some reading this will get married in the church they went to as a kid but plenty of others may prefer to rent a different venue and there will be a variety of great places to host your ceremony or the reception.

Following that we will get into the best bridal shops near you to buy a dress and many of the other things you will need. Wedding invitations, florists, photographers, videographers, bands, and DJ’s will be getting a shout out as well.

After all of that is out of the way we will move on to the top wedding hair and makeup stylists and shops to rent a tuxedo so you can make sure everyone involved is looking their best. The next few lists will be all about the food as we mention where to buy wedding cakes, caterers, and some great restaurants for hosting a rehearsal dinner.

And to get you out of here there will be a breakdown of the best wedding planners in Rome for anyone who wants to hand all of this work off to a professional. Often times many wedding planners in your area will have different packages available ranging from a little bit of assistance all the way up to doing it all for you.

A map will be shared towards the end that has all of these various venues pinned on it so that you can figure out which places are most convenient. In case you were curious all of our other blogs on cities around Italy can be found at that link if you want to give them a look.

Rome Wedding & Reception Venues

Make sure everything goes as planned by choosing right location for a wedding and reception in Rome:

There are many venues available at Villa Miani for both outdoor and indoor wedding celebrations near you.

Villa Aurelia can accommodate up to 120 guests for an indoor seated dinner reception and they also offer an outdoor venue option for local weddings.

With a maximum capacity of 300 persons Hotel Splendide Royal provides an exquisite venue for various events and gatherings.

In addition to the spacious private park Villa Dino provides indoor areas that may hold up to 500 people for a wedding or reception in your area.

Bridal Shops

Buy your dress at one of the best bridal shops near you that will also carry many other items you may need:

Where To Get Your Invitations

Order your invitations and envelopes from:

Choosing The Right Florist

Buy Wedding Dress Rome Local Reception Venues

Everything will look incredible if you let one of these florists in your area help you pick out the flowers:

Wedding Photographers & Videographers

You will be very busy when the time comes so let one of these local wedding photographers and videographers keep an eye on the crowd to catch everything:

Bands & DJ’s

Nobody will ever forget the reception if you book the right band or DJ:

Hair & Makeup Stylists

These wedding hair and makeup stylists near you will make sure that you really stand out:

Tuxedo Rentals

If you know of any good places to rent a tuxedo please tell us in the comments, thanks.

Where To Buy Your Wedding Cake

A tasty and stunning wedding cake in Rome can be purchased from one of these bakeries:


The right catering company will make sure that everyone leaves with a full belly:

Your Rehearsal Dinner

Our favorite rehearsal dinner venues in town would be:

Rome Wedding Planners

Get a little bit of help or a full service package from one of the best local wedding planners:

In the past we have also discussed:

Good Luck Planning Your Wedding In Rome

You should feel way more prepared to plan your wedding in Rome after reading all of that. The best planners near you were covered if you want to go that route, or you can save some money and do a lot of this on your own now.

We tried to break it all down including local wedding and reception venues, bridal shops, invitations, florists, photographers, videographers, bands, DJ’s, hair and makeup stylists, tuxedo rentals, caterers, the cake, and of course some good restaurants for a rehearsal dinner in your area.

At this point we don’t really know how else to help but we definitely hope that you go on to plan a great wedding in Rome!

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